Castle Island and Marine Park

can be reached via Day Boulevard in South Boston, or by public transportation.

By car, from Interstate 93/Southeast Expressway, take the Columbia Road/UMass/JFK Library exit to the rotary adjacent to the Bayside Expo. Follow signs for Day Boulevard. Follow roadway east along the shore all the way to the end.

By public transportation, ride the following MBTA buses to the end of the line: City Point-Downtown via Northern Ave.; City Point-Downtown-Bayview; City Point-Copley Sq. via Broadway; and City Poin t-Copley Sq. via Andrew. For more information, call MBTA Travel Information at 617-222-3200.

One of Boston's most popular public promenades, the twenty-two acres surrounding Fort Independence at Castle Island offer an amazing variety of magnificent views of the city. Along several miles of safe and beautifully maintained walkways, visitors enjoy an up-close experience with the excitement typical of Boston's marine culture, past and present.
ABOVE  Most Sundays throughout the summer, Castle Island's official greeter is up with the sun and at his post under the spreading chestnut tree by the fort's entrance.     RIGHT   Walking the loop at Castle Island presents an ever changing perspective on Boston's skyline.
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