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The fort will be open for guided tours every weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day, from noon to 3:30 p.m.

Thursday evenings throughout the season, join us for
Twilight Skyline Viewing from 7:00 p.m. until dusk

Sponsored by Castle Island Association

The Thursday evening tour series presents exceptional photo opportunities
for the Boston city skyline and harbor throughout the summer months. All openings weather permitting.

Metropolitan Park System


In 1892, visionary landscape artist Charles Eliot proposed that a regional parks commission be created to acquire national and scenic areas for the use of the people of the Metropolitan Boston region.

Today the Park Division carries on that legacy, preserving, maintaining, and interpreting a total of 14,700 acres in 10 reservations around Greater Boston, a portion of the Boston Harbor Islands State Park, and additional sites including parkways, rivers, streams, beaches and playgrounds.
Most offer year round respite from the city world as well as recreational activities that include hiking, bicycling, skiing, swimming, picnicking, and simple enjoyment of nature. There is also seasonal opportunity for skating, swimming and outdoor sports at many of these facilities, all of which add inestimably to the region's quality of life.
PHOTOS   LEFT   Don't forget the pooch needs a drink, too!   RIGHT  Century-old lilacs graced Olmsted Walk until 2007. Olmsted Walk was named in commemoration of the vast contributions Frederick Law Olmsted made to the great naturalistic landscape designs seen throughout the Emerald Necklace and Boston's unique urban park system.

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