RapeMe Productions

Nine3 brings you this special cyber moment dedicated to the pleasure of Michelle, Karen, Lyn, and all the girls out there who just can't stop playing Carmen

"Take her, boys!"

Get her, boys!
OR : "We're too old to listen to Nirvana." (I'm asking you to kindly leave my sexual fantasies out of this.)

What was it like between him and you?
Blood, past knowing what's black, what's blue
The memory of that faint perfume
Just blends into the haze
It could cool a shotgun heart
To rest in your death gaze

listen to the audio sketch I don't want you to think this is finished. The vocal isn't even in it yet, but this beautiful arrangement by Doug Anderson conveys the passion, bitterness, and funk of a California-style tragedy romance. It's coming together in a piece called "Fin Demonium Razz" where they're seeking a new ending to "Carmen." Getting a vocal on the track is next in line, after finishing the multimedia treatment of a piece about a different kind of girl, "In Nancy."

Properly, this is a project for a team of dozens of artists, musicians and actors, singers and dancers. Do let me know if you'd like to help.

I love the bruises on your lips

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