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Tear off the veils,
Let the scales fall
From your eyes
In the year 2012, the last of the ancient calendars will scroll to its last day.

It is fitting ours shall be a time to begin a new cycle for humanity.

Do not fear, my children. Daughters, own your own souls. Sons, be who you are. Be well!

So be it!
It gives me enormous respect and a sense of awe to realize the depth and the reach of the associations the "mass mind" (represented by the web) can draft upon the human psyche. Almost everyone knows by now that the web has brought changes upon our human culture, and that these changes have occurred by exponential degrees more rapidly than any phenomena have heretofore wrought upon our collective "human" being.

What seems amazing to me now is how I am gaining personal empirical evidence of these traces through the trails my visitors take in clicking through

A very specific example of these factors in play is that New Year statistics reveal that, without my having to do anything specific to link them, a tangible connection already exists between this page and "Duncan's Song" -- a song of the universal soldier in a time of war. I am overwhelmed by this fact and do not question what it means.

Until now I have not made the connection between these two pages overt. But today, having seen that visitors to this New Year page have forged the relationship on their own, it gives me great happiness and hope that my point of view, my "vision," if you will, bears significance beyond what any conscious or deliberate efforts could have accomplished through "marketing." This is the magic and the power of art that transcends politics.

Therefore I will codify the link between these two pages, so everyone can see it for themselves. I am drawn by the trend and the tendency that visitors have already validated. I pray my arts may show figuratively what has yet to be defined in the literal realm.

Here's to greater understanding!
It comes, it comes!

Onward to the New Year, In peace profound,
In the name of Allah, most compassionate, most merciful


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