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Get the lead sheet and you can practice "Admiral Farragut's Camp Song," put your own vocal or instrument solo on this version, or do your own arrangement. You don't have to use the same order of verses shown here. I don't, so why should you? : ) Or why not try your hand at lyrics and write your own verses? It's easy and fun.

You can participate. Don't just fancy yourself a performer. Put some spit on it, and get it out there. You'll be glad you did.

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To honor our democratic elections, and to honor our honor itself, the style should roll along, con brio, in the spirit of the admiral

The Admiral Farragut Campaign Song
© 2006-2011 by Cass von Braun, all rights reserved

Our Lad

When the teeth of the gale wind so mighty
Found the candidates winging it blindly
Oh, so were we!
All the pundits have weighed in so pithy
"You may only pick one and stick with it!"
But, oh, so say we!

Even without a hope or prayer
We're going to get from here to there
"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"
Said the admiral, Admiral Farragut

It was forbidden to sing about the admiral
Without a rolling deck, a pipe and a farrago
But, Oh! So have we
Like our brothers with fate so watery
And our drown-ed fair sister Tecumseh
Oh, so are we


All the wisdom we fain would remember
As it came down from Howie's bartender
Oh, so were we
And so we proceed with election
And sail in another direction
Oh, so may we


In the corridors of power strut some maniacs
All their wrangling brews strong aphrodesiacs
Inquiring minds want to know
Was it about just a common old perv or
An egghead in a patriotic fervor
On with the show

Who really could give a Fig Newton
This hoisting up on your bright piton
Eh, oh, not me

Keep playing the smartypants card
You'll end hoisted on your own pitard
And, oh, so may you be!


We must put a stop to this spending
So please tell us where is the ending
Or oh, woe are we

As there is an end to this ditty
For the sake of the nation, for pity
Oh, woe is m

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