U P S I D E     d o w n s t a i r s    a cambridge comedy of manners
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"Fada" ("Wise Enough To Play The Fool")
Music by Cass von Braun. Lyric by Cass von Braun. Arranged and performed by Cass von Braun


Fada is a gypsy raconteur, an event producer, a Merlin of the heart -- and he is Kate's lover from long ago to whom she has fled when life with her husband became too dull to contemplate. Fada is also beloved of Kate's daughter, Miranda and, to further complicate matters of the heart, he is Mary's soul mate until the end of time.

Mary has called him back to her in the song immediately foregoing, "I Ching!" Together "I Ching!" and "Fada (Wise Enough To Play The Fool)" and "Fada," the instrumental dance, form the coda ("the tail") of UPSIDE DOWNSTAIRS.

I often use an extended dramatic scene without songs somewhere in a piece, and like to balance this with a conclusion of extended music. Once again, I find this structure suits both the dramatic and musical tone of the piece.

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If I could love you just exactly as you need me
That would make me wise, or
Wise enough to play the fool

With a swagger of manhood, and jocular prattle
You may find a moment when interesting tattle
Will get a whole war won, to great approbation
While the general´s still pondering the field for the battle

If I could save the day for you, in just that way
Then you might say I am wise, or
Wise enough to play the fool

Fada is wise enough to cut the shoot
And give to it the ground to root
For these are lessons learned in school
But do they make him wise
Wise enough to play the fool?

Cruel as April showering petals from the trees
Careless as a breeze
Some things come up on their own
Fresh, blown, bringing hope against hope

Unfed and unnoticed there blooms such a garden
Unlikely it is, as a cold winter´s pardon
Gloom in the shadow of all which is absent
And because of this creation has happened

Will Fada discover something new
To shatter what is left of you
For you, who always find your way to art
After passion leaves you picking through the pieces
Scattered in the breaking of your heart

Fada shows a garden gone to dust for you
He must give you the grief you need
To sow incantations in your rows of seed
And feed with flowing waves of tears,
The low notes only your heart hears

So the world can go on singing, as it keeps unravelling
You keep making it whole again
Despite, no because of, the rain

Fada must know enough to cut the shoot
And give to it the ground to root
But these are lessons learned in school
They do not prove him wise
Wise enough to play the fool . . .
Wise enough to play the fool

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